Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reading Royals & Baltimore Bandits jerseys

Quite a while back I bought a number kit in the Tiffany font style for cheap.  Decided to copy the numbers and stick them on one jersey of mine and put part of the bought kit on another jersey.

The first jersey was a purple and grey jersey.  Sewed a Reading Royals of the ECHL crest on it.  Photocopied my bought number kit and used it to make a template to make the numbers in silver and black.

Wanted a "matching" white jersey to wear on the ice.  My Baltimore Bandits replica fit the bill.  The Bandits played in the AHL in the mid-nineties for 2 seasons.  Used some of the font kit and made some more numbers with the following results.

Not even close to the style of numbers Baltimore used in the AHL but in my opinion seems to work well

Not a very long post today so I'll add a couples quotes pulled from a book in the Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg I just finished reading.  Quotes from the character Walter Slovotsky; not part of "Slovotsky's Laws".  Many of those can be found here:

"It's a sin to let good food go to waste, and I like to pick my sins carefully"

"The time before dawn is when I like to start staggering toward a bed to sleep in, not staggering out of it."

Planning to go off to the last Lakehead Thunderwolves home game of the regular season in a couple hours; after last night they are now tied for 3rd in their division with Guelph.

[* Edit - They won 9-3; they were up 8-0 after 2 periods.  Had seats to the left of Lakehead's goalie.  Frequently saw the mascot Wolfie nearby as there was a kid's birthday party a couple rows in front of me.  Here's a pic of the Waterloo Warriors goalie that played tonight.  Their jersey pattern is somewhat similar to your Ryan Connelly's original Invaders jersey (though not as nearly as nice - no real logo, black instead of brown, and oddly an added number on the top of the chest when there are already sleeve numbers).  At the game noticed the Warrior's goalie has a Warrior brand stick; by coincidence or design stick almost the team's name]

Finally on this Groundhog day while walking back to the car in the cold after the game was done, still suffering from my cold or bad allergies or whatever I have, this quote from the movie Groundhog Day came to mind and seemed appropriate at the time: "I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life."

In old SIJHL news the Duluth Clydesdales folded a couple weeks ago and the league is now down to five teams.  They finished with a record slightly worse than my beer league Polar Mechanical Flyers did their last season (2-32-2 vs 2-26-2).

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