Saturday, March 22, 2014

Game of Thrones Faux-Knit concept

Sparky Chewbarky is a member on the Chris Creamer Forum.  I think I first became aware of his work with his Halifax Highlanders concept.  He went all out with his concept; not only logos and several jerseys but goalie masks, mascots, loads of different merchandise, an arena, and a video.

More recently he came up with some Faux-Knit Olympic Sweaters for Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden:

I slightly modified his Faux-Knit template (designed more for Photoshop and the like) so it could be used by the more low-tech MS Paint or users.  Just use the 'Paint Bucket' aka 'Fill with Colour' to colour in the blank spaces one by one.

Here's one for the back:

Made a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire concept with the template.  The Stark hockey sweater concept is in a style similar to Dave's Olympic Faux-Knits. If it's not readily apparent, it's supposed to be a direwolf on the front with snowflakes on the shoulders:

If you want to see some other Game of Thrones jerseys concepts a great place is Dave's Geeky Hockey:

Some of concepts have been produced as actual jerseys by the Geeky Jerseys site and are usually only available for a limited time and are gone after that (unless enough people show enough interest for a later re-issue).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jofa goalie helmets

While I have previously posted the pic of my Soviet goal jersey and my San Diego Samurai goal jerseys a while ago, I didn't post the helmets I wear with them when wearing them in goal.

Both of them are decorated with vinyl decals.  Most of the decals were obtained through the website stickeryou  by using my points - unfortunately the free icoke deal is ending the end of next month.

With all the roundness in the Jofa helmet getting the larger decals to lay flat can be a bit of a challenge.  With certain types of vinyl some people use soap and water mixture on helmet or mask to help it lay flat.  I think some heated it up to help stretch the vinyl when laying it down.  There is some info on these methods in the thread on vinyl mask graphics:
may be something in the thread on 'Helmet decals' also.
Myself, if I remember correctly, I don't think I used soap and water or heat but just tried to stretch the large ones out a bit when putting them on.  Takes a bit of patience - more than I have much of the time.  The results were far from perfect but not too bad.

Here's the Soviet one.  A Jofa 390 helmet with the Jofa 267 cage and a lacrosse dangler:

Here's the Japan one.  A Jofa 390 Helmet with a Cooper GL100L cage/dangler.

The clips on the side of the Japan one are homemade; just doubled up and cut some of the metal strapping of the kind that is used to hold up duct work.  The clips on the side of the Soviet one are some picture hanging clips.  Have since found and bought some of the clips made for this helmet (have one set installed on one of Jofa helmets I use to play "out" - defence and forward).

You may have noticed a couple stickers that don't match the Japan/Samurai theme - the IVO and Czech shield stickers were a memorial for one of the players, who passed away a few years back, in the afternoon group I currently play in.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dock Placement Chart

A while back made a "fun" placement chart for work.

Work at a courier company; the name of it is close to the one in the image below.  If there was a coffee machine still on the counter in the lunch room at work this would make a good logo for it.

A placement chart just shows where each dock employee is working that shift.  I'm sure you're not interested in the minutiae of the internal set up of the night dock at work so I'll spare you those details.  The usual placement chart while serving it's purpose is rather dull, so I made a video game themed one.  I think the last time it was used was on a dock employee's last day at work before he transferred to another city.

Most of the characters I got from font packages by 'Goatmeal' called 'The First Six Year' (it also comes in six parts).  It's a collection of six arcade video game dingbats [1978-1983]:
I just found pics of the girders and ladders online - they aren't the best quality images at that size but they do the job.  Modified a Donkey Kong logo to make it Dock Monkey.  It can be taken as a term of derision for the dock employees, the lowest guys on the totem pole at the company, but it has been adopted many of the dock guys to describe their jobs.

To tack on a bit of humour, Here's a link to David Thorne's site with the entry regarding the subject of couriers:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ryberto's Burritos

Ryan Connelly came up with the logo and whole idea for Ryberto's Burritos.

Some of the back story on its inception and on Ryan's various Ryberto creations:

If interested in the Ryberto character Ryco (Ryan) has a Facebook group for him:
Ryan's old blog 'Project 840' also has Ryberto's Burritos things on it:

Did some of my own DIY takes on Ryberto's Burritos.  Here's the front of my creations.

First one started off with this Ebay purchase and stripped the front patch and made a Ryberto's 'R', and stripped the name off the back.


On the back cut out 'Ryberto's Burritos' in twill and sewed on.  Font used was Sancreek.

The next one I did was the white jersey.   Got a blank white jersey from Liquidation World.  The font I used for this jersey is also Sancreek.  Used ribbon from a fabric store for the stripes, tackle twill for the name and number, and the arm patch came from Ryan Connelly.  Here's the back.

The final Ryberto's jersey was originally an Ebay purchase.  Specialty day? or fan giveaway? of a Padres affiliate - Eugene Emeralds.  Here's a before shot when I had the burritos cut out but hadn't sewn anything on the jersey.  The font is Baron Black DB - I found a closer font to the '78 Padres one but liked this one better.  The front number font was a slightly modified Ornitons Serial-XBold to get it close to the number font already on the back.

For now I left the back as is.  Here's a pic:

Got a couple caps from the thrift store and couple online.   Added the Ryberto's 'R' logo.  Had to zig-zag twice around the letter, as near the bottom of the letter it would sometimes skip stitches.  Did one 'R' in the Sancreek font for the pinstriped hat
The first cap I did was the padres bell style hat.  Cut out some gold twill for the bell shape and took the top button (Squatchee) off another cap and switched it with the one originally on the brown cap.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hockey Haiku

Quite a few years back stumbled onto a site called Hockey Haiku.

Decided to try making a few of my own; sent them to the author of the site but he wasn't really updating it much anymore.

On the Hockey Forum site there was a thread on Hockey Haiku so I added them there:

My contribution is below:

here's a few i made up last night. first one "paraphrased" from Slapshot:

It took my quarter
Gimme grape or orange and
no stinkin' root beer.

thought puck was shot wide
heart races, sweat runs down brow
when post rings loudly

the puck, once spinning
now lays flat trapped motionless
under glove's mesh cage.

line of red is gone
straying forward picks cherries
now more plentiful

Daneyko D-Man
feels no need to play offense
patrols his own zone

Irbe the goalie
throw back to bygone era
still repairs own gear

HF Boards also has a thread on Hockey Haiku: 

Of course, I went out and bought a copy of a little book on the subject:
Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection by John Poch and Chad Davidson

Here's on review on the book: 

and page 2 of that review