Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hockey Haiku

Quite a few years back stumbled onto a site called Hockey Haiku.

Decided to try making a few of my own; sent them to the author of the site but he wasn't really updating it much anymore.

On the Hockey Forum site there was a thread on Hockey Haiku so I added them there:

My contribution is below:

here's a few i made up last night. first one "paraphrased" from Slapshot:

It took my quarter
Gimme grape or orange and
no stinkin' root beer.

thought puck was shot wide
heart races, sweat runs down brow
when post rings loudly

the puck, once spinning
now lays flat trapped motionless
under glove's mesh cage.

line of red is gone
straying forward picks cherries
now more plentiful

Daneyko D-Man
feels no need to play offense
patrols his own zone

Irbe the goalie
throw back to bygone era
still repairs own gear

HF Boards also has a thread on Hockey Haiku: 

Of course, I went out and bought a copy of a little book on the subject:
Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection by John Poch and Chad Davidson

Here's on review on the book: 

and page 2 of that review

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