Saturday, March 22, 2014

Game of Thrones Faux-Knit concept

Sparky Chewbarky is a member on the Chris Creamer Forum.  I think I first became aware of his work with his Halifax Highlanders concept.  He went all out with his concept; not only logos and several jerseys but goalie masks, mascots, loads of different merchandise, an arena, and a video.

More recently he came up with some Faux-Knit Olympic Sweaters for Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden:

I slightly modified his Faux-Knit template (designed more for Photoshop and the like) so it could be used by the more low-tech MS Paint or users.  Just use the 'Paint Bucket' aka 'Fill with Colour' to colour in the blank spaces one by one.

Here's one for the back:

Made a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire concept with the template.  The Stark hockey sweater concept is in a style similar to Dave's Olympic Faux-Knits. If it's not readily apparent, it's supposed to be a direwolf on the front with snowflakes on the shoulders:

If you want to see some other Game of Thrones jerseys concepts a great place is Dave's Geeky Hockey:

Some of concepts have been produced as actual jerseys by the Geeky Jerseys site and are usually only available for a limited time and are gone after that (unless enough people show enough interest for a later re-issue).

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