Monday, July 14, 2014

Slo-pitch & baseball jersey for Slo-Pitch

After many, many years of working nights I am back working days.  Joined a Slo-pitch team back in my old league : Thunder Bay 5 & 5 Fun Slo-Pitch League.  Small independent (one of the few that wasn't absorbed by the Molson or Coors Light leagues years ago) non-competitive league.

If you are wondering what is 5 & 5 ? and what is Slo-Pitch  ? :
5&5 means you field 5 guys and 5 girls - 10th player is an outfield rover.  Batting order alternates guy-girl-guy-girl, etc.  All outfielders stand behind a line in the outfield until the ball is hit

and infielders must stay on the infield dirt until the ball is hit.  Slo-pitch is of the lob style of pitching - under handed and the arc of the ball must go over the batters head (or is it 6 ft.? I need a recent copy of the rules) and is unlimited (can go as high as you want).  Ball is a regular softball (think league is using grey dot this year).

All games are 3 balls and 2 strikes; all foul balls are strikes and if the ball hits the plate or the mat behind it it's a strike.

There is also an orange safety base on first.  Runner goes over orange - first baseman uses white; to avoid collisions at first.  There is also no lead offs, stealing, or sliding.

Regular season games are 7 innings (so league can get 2 games/day in all season before it is dark - league only has the one diamond).  Tournament games are 9 innings.

I had previously played in the league from 1992-2007.  Towards the end I was the team rep. and league V.P. for a couple years.  After I was working straight nights I had to quit playing and my brother in law ran the team for 1 more season before it folded (he then joined a more competitive league).  Team I was on had many sponsors over the years Country Home Cabinets, Twin City Stingers II (original was before my time on the team), Pier 61, L.A. Blues, Da Vinci , Friend's [Bar & Billiards], Glory Days, and Buzzy's.[Jerzee City].  One year we did the improbable and won it all:

Enough on Slo-pitch - on to the jerseys.  I joined the team late and they only ordered so many jersey to start with so I decided to make my own.

I had acquired a grey maroon striped grey baseball jersey a while back with this logo on it (turned sideways).

Blue lines are just showing what I am did to convert it into a U f f crest instead (main sponsor for the team I'm on this year is Unleashed Fighting Fitness).  Part of the reason I did this is to save what burgundy twill I have for the team name on back and the main logo.  Here's how it looks on the front:  If the jersey looks familiar, it's because it's the same jersey I got off Ebay for one of my earlier Ryberto's jerseys (but with a different number on it).

Now for the back.  For the back I used a font called Bazar (downloaded from Tack-O-Rama site). Dachshund is taken from a Clink Room member's Shadow League contest entry from a while ago.  My first though was of doing a dog or dog's head with a leash lying on the ground beside it, but then I remembered this contest entry and his dachshund is much better than anything I am likely to come up with

Was originally going to put the vest on the dog but looked to be a bit much with the big #1 already on the back of the jersey.

Here's a close up of the dog:

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