Sunday, July 20, 2014

Slo-pitch: Part II

Made another DIY to wear while playing on my Slo-pitch team - this one a baseball vest. Letters stripped off of 2 name bars I had from previous Ebay purchases

to be reordered and sewn on again (luckily most letters included in the name I wanted - some modifications to make the L and the 2 F's). In the picture the front logo still to be modified to match previous project 'U ff' front crest. Rustclops burgundy main body cut out - gold still needs to be cut out.  Letters need to be sewn on name bars, and everything still needs to be sewn on jersey.

The finished product: front and back.
Eyeballed the alignment of name bars on back before pinning and sewing it on - probably should have spent more time and measured it instead. I'm likely the only one that will be seeing it in person that will look close enough to notice. Should also have had stuff on back of vest higher and closer together since it's an XL and if I end up wearing it with baseball pants I think the F.F. will disappear when tucked in.

Here's a closeup of the Rustclops on back.

Almost forgot to mention this: Rustclops is from another Shadow league entry for the Clink Room.

As far as playing Slo-pitch, I played a game this past week on my brother-in-law's team.  They were going to be short guys so I was an "emergency call-up" for The Benchwarmers.  He plays in a 7 & 3 League (field is 7 guys and 3 girls).  Played mostly the same as my 5&5 but I noticed some differences in rules.  As far as strikes you get an extra strike if the second strike is a foul ball.  If you walk a guy when a girl follows in the batting order, the guy gets 2 bases.  Girls are allowed to intentionally bunt [no one is allowed to bunt in my league - though occasionally there are the unintentional "full swing bunts", and they are allowed.  I've done those when I topped a ball.  You just put your head down and start running hoping that the back catcher or pitcher don't get to the ball quickly or that they throw it away].  Also, it isn't a strike when the ball hits home plate only when it hits the "mat" behind the plate.  The "mat" looked to be a little wider and I think shorter than in my 5&5 League, and it's made out of wood so it's easier to hear a strike.  Fielders don't need to stand behind any line in the field and can be anywhere they want.

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