Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slo-pitch : baseball cards

Made up one, then two, and eventually sets of six baseball cards for some members of the Slo-Pitch team I was on this year.

The first two (myself and Val) were originally of different sizes but remade the images so they were 3 1/2" x 2 1/2".  The picture I used for myself was from a previous team I played for in the league because I didn't have any pictures of myself from this year.

The effects used for the pictures were just using a regular digital photo and applying the the Hot Wax Coating (in Artistic Effects of Corel PaintShop Pro X4) and then I think One Step Photo Fix.  Added in a frame and text (3 fonts used) for the front and the back, and an old paper background for the back.

Didn't get the back and front images aligned up perfectly when I printed two at home and eventually the set of six at an office supply store; the office supply store ones turned out a little darker and I think a slightly heavier cardstock was used by them.

All sets I left the white line along the bottom of the back of the card.

Some sets I went over the white line at the top of the front of the card with a black sharpie.

Here's the images (and not pictures of the printed out cards like above).

Just made up some stuff for the backs of most.  Val has received more than a few bruises getting in front of the ball in the infield, pitching and other aspects of my game vary day-to-day, the ideas for Chris were from the San Diego cap he is wearing in the photo, for Mitch it was the shorts, for Nick it was the cowboy boots, Dan was completely made up.

If I end up making cards similar to this again, I will likely have a larger plain border around each so that if the front and back don't exactly align it won't look quite as off.

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