Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slo-pitch: more jerseys and a hat

Have made a couple more Unleashed team Slo-pitch jerseys, and a cap.  All re-purposed thrift store purchases.

First one was originally a Silver Bullets fast pitch jersey - as you can see from an inside out picture.

Covered the oval logo with grey tackle twill and put our sponsor's name in the Bazar font that I seem to have been using for all the Unleashed jerseys.  The sponsor's logo above the 'A' was a late edition.

Kept the #1 on the back (and front) and added the dog that I have had on a previous Unleashed jersey.  Stitched on the eye and mouth after putting the dog on the jersey.

First made a logo for the jersey that was the opposite colour arrangement (burgundy/white/burgundy) of the one I put on (white/burgundy/white).  The original blended too much into the 'A' in Unleashed so I decided to use it to put on a cap I got at the thrift store.  You can see the original printing on the cap here:

Here's the cap with the burgundy/white/burgundy logo on a grey oval to cover the original stiching:

Unfortunately I noticed after one game that the dye from the cap was bleeding over the logo.  Tried rinsing the cap out but dye was coming out in torrents so just decided to throw it out.  Will likely replace with a similarly styled cap sometime.

Another thrift store purchase was a local high school team jersey.  Didn't notice at the time that it was a women's large and not a men's large.  Decided to make a jersey for our team's rep.


 #11's were already on the jersey and where the circle with the captain's 'C' is there was a team name and logo for the Trojans.
The dog logos were an afterthought.  Val owns 2 miniature pinschers.  I had one pinshcer cut out and the template next to it.  Noticed they made a shield like pattern when placed opposite each other, so made another pinscher.  Stuck a 'U' for Unleashed in the middle and that was the end result.  If I ever do the pinscher logos on anything again they will not be that small; sewing on the pointy ears was a pain.

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