Sunday, June 16, 2013

BHL ticket and poster variations

With the BHL game being a little more than month away, and with me with my ass parked in the computer chair this Sunday afternoon decided to create a ticket for this year's game based on the poster.

Fonts used include, Bazar, FoglihtenNo01, Ballpark, Old Typography, and My Underwood. Programs used include, Printhouse 2000, and Fotoflexer (online).  Why so many programs? because I'm too set in my ways/lazy to learn the ins and outs of some of's many features, am very familiar with what Printhouse does (and doesn't) do, and Fotoflexer has some easy to use effects.

Speaking of features/effects.  I played around a little while ago with some effects on and PhotoFlexer for the poster.  Here's a few selections - Blueprint, Bronze and Metallize.

That's all for now. I better get ready to head to my parents for Father's Day.


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