Saturday, June 22, 2013


Nothing new completed on the DIY front.  Working on a Ball Hockey 'Yothers United' crest for a jersey but it's just in it's starting stages.  Will post something when further along.

So here's what's become my addiction in the last couple years - coffee.  Never used to drink it unless I had to get up early in the morning, but now drink it on a daily basis.  Brother got me into drinking his brand - Kicking Horse; my favourite blends are Three Sisters and Kootenay Crossing.  It's pretty expensive so I almost always wait for it to go on a half decent sale.  Kicking Horse is a company from B.C. 

Just use a cheap Black&Decker grinder for grinding the beans.  Since I'm the only coffee drinker in my household I just have this Melitta low tech single cup brewer that takes #2 coffee filters. 

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