Monday, October 14, 2013

60 plus hockey games in Duluth: October 2013

My dad and most of the older guys from my Tuesday/Thursday afternoon hockey went down last week to Duluth to play a couple games on Monday and Tuesday.  Like last year they played a team from Minneapolis; in addition this year they played a game against a team from Duluth.  Lost the first game and won the second.  Think the age requirement was dropped to 60 plus in order to have enough players for all the teams involved.  Like last year the games were played in what looks like a very nice looking rink: Sill Arena at the Duluth Heritage Sports Arena.  Here's a shot of the game between Duluth and Minneapolis.

Here's a team pic of the Duluth team.

and here's the Minneapolis team.

If this mini tournament goes ahead next year they have a trophy they are going to repurpose for it.

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