Monday, December 31, 2012

Germany jerseys

To continue on the international jersey front I created a couple of Germany jerseys.  Being of German heritage on my dad's side, I decided to make a couple jerseys a while back.

The first jersey I don't have any more.  This one was created out of 2 jerseys.  The main jersey was plain black mesh.  The other jersey was a yellow jersey with white, and black striping and covered in screen printing in an old Cincinnati Cyclones pattern.  Basically just cut both jerseys (allowing a little extra material for seam allowance) and serged on the bottom or the waist and arms onto the black jersey.  The small Germany crest I think I got off Ebay.

The second jersey I still have.  I traded jerseys with someone at my hockey group.  It originally had a large image screened on the front; that's part of the reason the German eagle shield is so big, so it can cover all the screen printing.  Found the German eagle image online, enlarged it and printed it out and then went through my usual process (almost).
When it came to securing the eagle down to sew on the crest a household iron wouldn't cut it; too many points that likely wouldn't stay down.  The good people at Buzzy's Jerzee City heat pressed it down for me at no charge.  Sewing the eagle on was a pain in the ass with all those points.  Had a name bar with my name on it and put that over the sponsor on the back.  A two colour #11 was already heat pressed on the back when I got it; surprisingly the #11 hasn't starting to come off, as I found that in my experience the two layer heat pressed vinyl numbers eventually do.  Making sure it hangs to dry and never hits the dryer may have helped.

I remember reading quite a while ago the Germany was at one time developing it's hockey better for a while and then went into a decline when they allowed more imports to play in their leagues; whether that is true, your guess is probably better than mine.
 This year they were good enough to make it the long way into the World Juniors but with 1 OT loss and 3 losses are out of the playoffs and onto the Relegation Round.  Also onto the Relegation Round are Latvia, Slovakia and surprisingly to me Finland (as then finished below Switzerland).  The Swiss in recent times are a lot more of a challenge than they used to be.

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