Saturday, December 29, 2012

Soviet and Canada goal jerseys

Without the NHL going on this year the main event this year will be the World Juniors (that are currently going on).  This got me to think about any international hockey jerseys I have.  I have a couple that are goal jerseys.

I have a Soviet goal jersey.  The jersey was originally blank and uncrested.  I tried to reproduce the jersey the Soviets used in the 1991 Canada Cup since the blank jersey matched this style.  I used online pics and guessed at sizing to make templates of the CCCPs and the numbers.

Even though they didn't use Cyrillic names in 1991, I thought I'd like my last name in Cyrillic on the back.  I think I contacted an online group that was either 'Study Russian' or something similar to get my last name approximately transliterated into Russian Cyrillic.  All names and numbers are tackle twill.

The other international goal jersey I have is a Team Canada one; it's like the ones they used in the Canada Cups.  Picked this one up at a thrift store.  Even though it had the #1 on the back it wasn't an adult goal cut.

 For this, I did the old trick of splitting the jersey down the arm seam and using material an old hockey jersey and football jersey ,that I got from a bag sale at a thrift shop, for extra material.  This works pretty well for converting a player's jersey to goal; it works okay to up the sizing of a player's jersey one size - any more than that and the shoulder seams throw things off way too much.

 Borrowed my mom's serger (easier and quicker than a sewing machine) to add in the extra under arm material.

It had what I assume is the previous owner's first name (KYLE) on the back.  I covered this up first with some white tackle twill material; when the name still bled through I decided to add some white airknit jersey material on top of that.

Here's a pic of the front and the back.

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