Friday, January 25, 2013

Beer League - Part II - Bandits team

Was putting off posting 'Beer League - Part II' as I was looking through my old papers for information as accurate as I could get, plus I was going to dig through some photos.  Today only posting my years on the Bandits team.

I think I started playing in the Thunder Bay NBC League in 2001/02 but it may have been 2002/03.  In any case the first team I played for was the Bandits.  When I started there was 2 divisions - A and B.  I played in the B.  The Bandits were originally the Superior Drilling & Blasting Bandits.  When they were ordering jerseys I got the #1 - wanted one that was XXL since that would just fit over my goalie stuff at that time when they needed a last minute goalie but only got a XL and only wore it as a defenceman.  For the 2003 playoffs they made 3 groups out of the two divisions (top of the A, bottom of the A with top of the B, bottom teams in the B) .  We ended up 'winning' the C division title (bottom 4 teams of the B vision in playoffs).

Somewhere along the line, I got stuck running the team.  Started off with me filling in for a league meeting.  Ending up with me filling in for the team rep part of one season when he was away and then fully running the team for our final season in 2003/04.  We had a partial sponsor that and the previous year; the Adanac hotel along with their larger bar has a smaller bar on the Simpson Street side called the Polynesian Room.  Only I could get a handful of players usually to go there after a game.  They usually gave us popcorn, hot dogs or some small snack.

I made jerseys for the team that year; was going to sell them to each player but there was mixed interest in that so I ended up selling the whole lot of them as a team set after the team folded.  The blank green jerseys were bought at a clearance sale at local sports memorabilia store with the added bonus of no one needing a 2nd jersey since none of the other teams in the league were green.  Slightly modified a font called Maverick for the team name on front and the number on back.  Black mesh material was used to enlarge a couple larger player's jerseys plus the goalie's; the mesh material was also used on the front name area.  White tackle twill was used for the team name and the numbers on back.  I had no clue how much work doing a team set in this style would be.

Here's the front of my jersey.  Only time I'd have a 'C' in any league; probably the only 'bonus' of running the team.  At first had put the 'C' closer to the arm than it should have been; moved it to the location it is in the photo.  #8 is on the back.

Player's wanted their stats kept for the year I was running it.  Compiled them through the copies of the game sheets I was given.  If you are interested my stats for the regular season of 30 games they are 1G, 5A, 4PM.  That season all the teams played each other until the Xmas break; the top 6 teams at that point became the A division and the bottom 7 the B division.  The B division contained Galaxy (Flyers), (Sportop) Goats, Ducks, Bandits, Kings, Billies, Bees.  Before the B side split we were 4-8; after the split 10-5-3.  They must have divided it into 3 divisions for the playoffs that year since I have us getting pummeled two games in a best of 3 by an A division team called the Redmen.

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