Saturday, January 19, 2013

Manitoba Moose jersey & Paraphernalia

Here is a Manitoba Moose jersey I once had.  It was either sold, traded or given away.  I remember having some item from the Moose back when they were in Minnesota (jersey or some other item?); like my much of my memory, it is also long gone.  The Minnesota Moose and Manitoba Moose were located about the same distance from where I am.  Never saw either of them play though the Manitoba Moose did play some pre-season games for a couple years locally at Fort William Gardens.

In the past couple years I have acquired a few Manitoba Moose items.  With the NHL coming back to Winnipeg, the Moose ending up heading to St. John's Newfoundland and changing their name.  They wanted to change the name due to the large number of vehicle accidents involving moose (not originally native - were imported) in the province.  I won't comment on the new name other than say the team's name is the same as a large donut store's specialty beverage that is heavily advertised in the summer.

With the Moose moving and changing names some of the team's items showed up at my local 'Play it Again'.  New hockey bags, pants, and new and used hockey gloves were for sale (some gloves and some pants are still left).  My brother bought the bag for me for Christmas a little over a year ago; it is large enough to fit my goalie gear.  The Manitoba Moose logo is embroidered on the side of the bag.  There are two inner pockets for skates.

I very recently picked up a clear green moose mug at a thrift store, and got a pant shell off Ebay.  Have worn the shell once and it fits pretty well over my hockey pants.

In the picture of the hockey bag, if you look closely at the top of the bag, you will see a clear envelope area with a tag inside.  The tag there didn't come with the bag.  With help from the fonts in the forum of the Chris Creamer Sportslogos site, and a Moose logo pulled off somewhere on the internet, plus the laminating services of a local office supply store, I created this:

Made two of the tags.  Ended up cutting down the 2nd one a bit to fit into the window of one my other hockey bags.

Had some smaller self laminating sheets for business cards that either got at clearance at a office supply store or at a dollar store.  Decided to make a few of the bag tags in favouite teams of some people I play hockey with.  For privacy reasons I blacked out the phone numbers in the images of the cards.

[Edit - March 2013 - acquired a Manitoba Moose jersey at the local Value Village.]

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