Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thunder Bay Bulldogs jersey - SIJHL

Here's one of the few jerseys I have that would be considered 'game worn'.  It is from a defunct team called the  Thunder Bay Bulldogs (who played in the SIJHL).  SIJHL is a Junior A hockey league that has teams in my region.
Years ago saw one game of the Bulldogs playing the Fort William North Stars at Fort William Gardens.  Got the ticket as a bonus from my Beer League when we required to pay extra for insurance.  Bulldogs were soundly defeated that game.  The North Stars had over 3 lines with coaches, trainers, etc. on their bench.  Bulldogs had about 2 lines.

Got this jersey at a local thrift shop.  Some of the patches were coming off and there were a couple tears in the jersey.  Secured the patches with straight stitching and stitched close the tears.  Along with the Bulldogs name and shoulder patches on the jersey are a Volkswagen patch, a CKPR patch ,SIJHL patch, and on the back a Best Western patch
580 CKPR was a local AM radio station; they are now 91.5 on FM.  Best Western Crossroads is the Best Western on Arthur Street.


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